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In this practical session, Tech Angel Rachel will talk you through setting up a simple Marketing funnel from scratch in just 90 minutes!

If you want to set up your own marketing or sales funnels but are not sure where to start and need a little hand-holding, then this session is for you.

The best way to learn is to 'have a go'!

This hands on session will give you the opportunity to get stuck in - but with the safety net of having your Tech Angel Rachel there to guide you.

  We will work together over a Zoom session to build out your funnel from scratch.  You will be logged into your MailerLite account and will share your screen with me so I can talk you through what you need to do step-by-step.

 By the end of the 90 minute session you will have a functioning marketing funnel and be ready to start growing your audience!

No more putting it off because you're just not sure where to start!

Make it super easy for people to join your mailing list - and give them some value in return for their email address!

Build your audience of people who will begin to know, like & trust you and be far more likely to buy from you!

How does it work?

Step 1. Purchase your 'Marketing Funnel' session
Step 2. Check your email for a confirmation email
Step 3. Click the link in the confirmation email to book your 90 minute Zoom session with Rachel

Get your funnel set up and start growing your audience!

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I've just come off a one-to-one call with Leanne. Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how helpful that was. I was flung into self-employment last year and have been winging it ever since. I feel like I could now confidently go as complete my tax return. And you know what..? If I get stuck, I can just ask again. Thank you so much, this is one very happy small business owner.

Tech Angel Rachel Boleyn

Meet your Tech Angel - Rachel

Rachel has been using tech to make her life easier for as long as she can remember, to include during her 20 year career as a professional support administrator in the higher education sector.

She is a self-confessed nerd who loves tinkering with a website, setting up automations or a spreadsheet!

Having juggled her business with her full-time job for a few years, Rachel finally took the plunge at the end of 2020 to go full-time self-employed. She now splits her time between her fused glass business (Boleyn Art), her Tech VA business (Virtual Tech Angel) and Progress To Profit. As a single mum, running her own business has given her much needed flexibility to negotiate curved balls such as home schooling during the global pandemic!

As a Tech VA Rachel has supported several business owners to launch successfully, in particular focussing on setting up their marketing and sales funnel, automated email system or setting up the tech to sell their online courses and memberships.

Rachel has over twenty years experience of developing websites, setting up systems, automating processes and writing and delivering training courses supporting people to use tech.