Pricing Your Products

Work out the best price for your product to make a profit in this one hour session with Leanne

If you are struggling to price your product or service, this is the session for you.

We will work together to come up with a price for you product in under 1 hour.

A clear, real life pricing strategy which you can put into place and get your business off the ground and make a real PROFIT for you.

No more picking a price from thin air!

No more undercutting people to try and make more sales!

No more worrying about whether people will be able to afford your product!

How does it work?

Step 1. Purchase your 'Pricing Your Product' hour
Step 2. Check your email for a confirmation email
Step 3. Click the link in the confirmation email to book your one hour Zoom session with Leanne

Finalise your pricing and get your product on sale!

  • Pricing Your Products
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I've just come off a one-to-one call with Leanne. Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how helpful that was. I was flung into self-employment last year and have been winging it ever since. I feel like I could now confidently go as complete my tax return. And you know what..? If I get stuck, I can just ask again. Thank you so much, this is one very happy small business owner.

Profit Hero Leanne Gunns

Meet your Profit Hero - Leanne

Leanne is an accountant. 

But don't worry, she is definitely not THAT kind of accountant.

She doesn’t wear grey suits, she’s more likely to be sporting a rather bright pair of dinosaur leggings. Her favourite topic of conversation is definitely not the latest tax rates and she definitely won’t run on in a language only people who have worked in accountancy for at least a decade would understand.

She’s real, genuine and jargon-free! She’s not JUST an accountant though.

She has a glamping site, and this puts her in a unique position. After all, how many accountants do you know who also spend their summer knee deep in laundry and cleaning tents?!? Leanne is not just a business owner, she’s also a mum to a child with a rare disability called Transverse Myelitis, a cancer survivor, and charity volunteer. 

Leanne has over ten years accountancy experience and runs her own accountancy business (Excel Accountancy Norwich), in addition to the know-how of running a profitable and successful glamping site meaning she understands business from both sides of the desk.