Excellerate: Self Assessment Success

If you are a sole trader and have income to declare which hasn’t been taxed at source then this is the course for you!
  • Do you find the world of self assessment scary and bewildering?  
  • Are you new to business and don’t have a clue where to start? 
  • Or maybe you have been around a while but really have no idea whether you are doing it correctly and want some advice to remove the stress from the self assessment?

Whether you are still employed and running your business as a side hustle - or you are full time self-employed - this is the course you need to make sure you can master your tax return.

About Self Assessment Success

  • 5 modules, delivered by video (transcript included)
  • Examples of record keeping templates
  • Self-paced course

Valued at £147 but available for just £47

Course Curriculum

Profit Hero Leanne Gunns

Meet your Profit Hero - Leanne

Leanne is an accountant. 

But don't worry, she is definitely not THAT kind of accountant.

She doesn’t wear grey suits, she’s more likely to be sporting a rather bright pair of dinosaur leggings. Her favourite topic of conversation is definitely not the latest tax rates and she definitely won’t run on in a language only people who have worked in accountancy for at least a decade would understand.

She’s real, genuine and jargon-free! She’s not JUST an accountant though.

She has a glamping site, and this puts her in a unique position. After all, how many accountants do you know who also spend their summer knee deep in laundry and cleaning tents?!? Leanne is not just a business owner, she’s also a mum to a child with a rare disability called Transverse Myelitis, a cancer survivor, and charity volunteer. 

Leanne has over ten years accountancy experience and runs her own accountancy business (Excel Accountancy Norwich), in addition to the know-how of running a profitable and successful glamping site meaning she understands business from both sides of the desk.


Small business owner

Thank you for the Self Assessment course, Leanne, I'm keeping on track with this year's accounts, using your great spreadsheet and advice, It's also made me focus on how many hours I work for the profit I'm making and so I've been much more proactive in gaining new clients and thinking about running a summer school. At this rate, I'll have to drop my night job!

  • Self Assessment Success
  • £47

    Self Assessment Success (self-paced course)

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